Me, Myself && I

This is me. Yes its actually me. I am a twenty-something year old woman.

I’m looking to make new friends so add me on my personal Facebook! Drop me a message.

I love everything in life from the small things to the really noticable big things. I take appriciation in things that most people don’t. Like any normal person i have made my mistakes and paid the price for it in the end. I have pretty much fucked up the past 2 years of my life with dossing at university and not really knowing what i want to do career wise anymore. Along with matters in my personal life.

I want to be a photographer, journalist, business woman, model, mother…..all of those in one would be great. I know i wont get them though…all i can do is just try my hardest and make the most of life..

I write a blog for the pure enjoyment of things. I like to write about everything and anything that springs to mind. I like to give my opinion and have a general rant about life. I want to get my blog out there with social networks, build my contacts and hopefully be recognised for good writing and photography. I like taking part in the weekly photo challenges! They are always up either friday or saturday on here.






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