The daily prompt: Stranger in a strange land

In response to today’s Daily prompt i would like to express how much culture and architecture are the best things about going somewhere new.

For me, going to a new place expresses a lot of emotion. Mainly excitement due to the fact i have not been there before. I look forward to seeing new places and what adventures they hold for me over the course of time i am visiting. Culture is a huge part of a new place because you can learn a lot about the place itself and how the people will thus react and act around the place you are visiting. Cutlure really gives you and insite into the place and shows if there are things such as traditions, holidays, events, food, entertainment etc they have to offer. I love going round and trying new things and mainly looking at fashion and landscaping…this brings me to the second part of my post.

Architecture. This is fascinating to me. I love looking at the types of new and old buildings that are around.  I love taking photographs so buildings give me the opportunity to document the place as it is today in the modern world and how it was in the old world. I love looking at the styles of architecture around and what information it could possess. Simple things such as tours around places provide me with an exciting experience to get a feel of the place and to then inform me of interesting facts.



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