Inspiration from devistation

Good evening readers,

I seem to have a lot of random posting on random days, so now i will pledge to you that you will be getting a post from me at least once a week with happenings and interesting subjects. Down to my HUGE summary….

Today has really got me thinking about my life and about what has happened to me over the past 2 1/2 years. I have been happy, sad, suprised, shocked, loved, angry, mean and a whole bunch more emotions, that have got me to where i am today and the person that i am today. I have been through a lot of things, probably more than your average 22 year old. However, after a good hard think i am now commemorating my struggles over these years and putting them into a beautiful piece of art.

I feel like i have been caged up, not myself. I may as well have been standing above my own body for the past 2 years and telling silently to myself because of what i have been through. Though not all of it was bad, i had my daughter on june 17th last year and i have a loving and supportive family who have gotten me through the hardships. I want to express how i have felt and the transition that i am going through in my life at present. I want to have a tattoo on the right side of my chest under my collar bone of a vintage bird cage with blackbirds flying from it and cherry blossoms around it. This will represent how i have felt caged and struggled with myself over the 2 years along with looking to the future and finding myself free of all the bad things. The cherry blossoms show the bloom of my new life and my daughters positive and happy future with me. I would like something along the lines of this….

I have failed at 2 relationships of which did not end well. I can happily say that my little girls father is being brilliant now and really making me happy for our daughters sakes. He has really suprised me and i know he loves his daughter very much and things are starting to look better for all 4 of us now as a separated family. My other relationship has completely gone and the scars will stay but i am moving on and getting on with my life. I am officially setting myself free of devils and demons. I can finally live my life how i want to and strive to make it the best possible for myself and my daughter.


I have applied for college to do hairdressing which i am very excited about as it has been a passion of mine since i was 15 years of age. I have been to university (although i dropped out) and gotten a whole tone of experiences that have now taught me to be more cautious of my actions. I am finally settling in with my mum and dad and having my daughter in a happy and loving environment. My family are there for me whenever i need them and they are really helping to overcome my demons and giving me the time i need to re-adjust to everything around me. I have my two best friends back and its so nice to finally see them regularly and again, they love my little girl to pieces. Things are really looking up and i cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and those around me.


Amy. ‚̧


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