Motivation and Determination.

hello everyone.
Finally i have a small window to blog today and its a very important post.

As a typical woman i am always worried about what i look like and how much i weigh etc. My little girl is nearly a year old and i still have a stone to lose to be at my pre pregnancy weight. Also i have a few weddings to attend this year with my partner and i want to look fantastic.

So from today i will be doing a small exercise routine and healthy eating plan too. I have just got a lot of fruit and veg for my little girl as she is eating by herself so its encouraging me to learn how to cook and live a healthy life style.

Exercise wont be going to the gym as i do not have the time being a full time mum. However i will be using something called blogolates which i found on youtube, so when my little girl is napping i will be cracking out an hours worth of exercise each day just to start building me up and i will plan on walking more. There is so many wooflands round my area seems odd not to use it. So over the coming weeks i will be taking my daughter out for a walk for an hour every other day.

Eating habbits will be lots of fresh fruit and veg and will learn how to cook nice healthy meals for us all so we can have a family meal.

I am very motivated to do this so im hoping by the time my first weddig comes up i will be a size 12 and not a 14. If anyone is going through something similar do get hold of me 🙂 would be great to have some support.



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