I’m back and feeling FABULOUS!

Hello readers. Apologies for the lack of posting, i have been extremely busy and going through some personal experiences which have diverted my attention from blogging for the start of this year.  However, i am back and ready to go! I am feeling 100% better and love how things are panning out in my life. Over the past few months a lot of changes have happened and i could not be happier.

I can proudly say that i am completely in love with my gorgeous little girl who is now 9 months old! Only a few months and she will be a year, they really do mean it when they say time flies. Literally feels like she was born about a week ago. On the up side though i am starting to see a little person develop and become her own and i can say it is a magical and wondrous thing to witness. She is now eating more food by herself and picking it up and playing with it, which is messy but fun at the same time. The health visitor told me some children are resilient to eating by themselves because when their parent feeds them its more fun, so with this in mind i made it fun for her and also eat the same things so that she gets that mummy eats it and its good for her. She is a little monkey. She has taken to eating on her own like a duck to water, little bit off to start with but she now loves it and gets really excited when i give her foods to try. Banana is something she loves and buttery hot cross buns.

Lilith-Rose xx

Lilith-Rose xx

She also is learning how to crawl at the moment which entails her army crawling then bouncing on her knees for a few seconds. It is so funny but each time she does it i want to burst into tears because i’m so proud of her.  She can pull herself up so she is standing holding the couch and is babbling a lot more along with saying both mumma and dadda and going “awe” at me a lot, mainly when i give her kisses. She is an incredible little baby and i cannot be a more proud mummy right now. I never thought at the age of 22 i could look at something and feel so much love and devotion for them and want to do my best for them but she is it. She is my heart and soul. I love her so much,

Such a happy girl....takes after her mummy

Such a happy girl….takes after her mummy

Now onto me personally… Family life is fantastic! My partner Alex is amazing with my little girl and its lovely having a proper little family. It makes me happy every day to know that i have him. 4 months we have been together, yes its not a long time but i know this time is perfect. I wouldn’t change anything about him at all and i know how much he loves me which is always nice 🙂 He is perfection. He has made me so happy since being back with my mum and dad down south. I thought things couldn’t get any better when i came back down but he has really changed my opinion. He wants to be there and wants to be involved and accepts me for who i am. I couldn’t feel more loved and appreciated. Things are progressing with us and its really good to see how far things have come in such a short space of time.

Myself and my partner, Alex<3

Myself and my partner, Alex<3

I have also lost a stone in 6 months! I am loving this. That is half the baby weight that i put on when i was pregnant and i’m now aiming to lose the last stone and then get into shape for the summer. Hopefully be a yummy mummy by then haha. Confidence is a big thing after having a baby and it all goes out the window. You feel rubbish, you don’t sleep properly, you don’t have time to do your hair or makeup, a bath is a luxury and as for spending time on your own….well you have to wait a while for that. Don’t get me wrong i have had a tonne of help since being back down south to get me feeling the way i do now. My mum and dad and partner are all to thank for that, they have boosted my confidence and made me feel incredible since being back with them. I honestly could not be happier with things. I am feeling good about myself and what i have planned for the rest of the year. I have planned to get a degree, get a small part time job and be a loving and devoted girlfriend and mother. I love how i look (bar my root regrowth) and feel sexy when i get dressed up to go out…like last weekend. Me and Alex went to a family meal and i thought i would make an effort so i got a nice dress and did myself up, put on my heels and walked casually down the stairs…i could have gleamed when i saw Alex’s face, he looked really happy and impressed so i knew i looked lovely to him, which is always good. He then tells me i look so beautiful, which, like any woman, made my heart melt. Its a small compliment but it went a long way, i was really happy and confident about going out and meeting the rest of the family. I had such a lovely night.

All in all i’m just stupidly happy. This is something i could not envision this time last year. I was miserable. Now nice to know that i have a place in someones heart and i am doing a good job in all aspects of my life so far. Hoping to start using my camera again soon and taking some photographs. Lots more updates to come on life, love, career and family. Comment and subscribe ❤ Much love. xx Amy.


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