Hello to those of you reading this post.


DAY 2 of snow. Now this is a rare thing over here in England….this snow business. We hardly get it and when we do its not expected, like a few years back when it snowed in April. The calendar is completely screwed when it comes to snow in Britain. We all moan that we never have any snow but when it truly comes shows the nature of our attitude to the crude British weather.

snow garden 2

WE COMPLAIN! Something us British are really good at is complaining. After 2 days of having snow present i am sure a lot of people are fed up of it. Personally i think it is fascinating when it snows, i love taking photographs and i have my daughter to see her first snowfall along with teaching her what snow is.

When you are a child snow is the most glorious thing to fall upon the earth, however, turning into an adult skews that perception you had a child. Mainly because as an adult you have things to do such as shopping, working, etc but when you are a child you can build snow people and snowball fight with each other. It is glorious having snow when you are a child. I love the snow now but when it was a kid it may as well have been my birthday whenever it snowed, i loved it that much. Always get up early and play snowballs, build igloo type houses, snowmen and make the biggest snowball you can by rolling it around the grass field at the back of your mum and dads house. It was joyous.

snow garden

Whilst i have had snow here in England i have taken some photographs, with my mobile phone (Galaxy s3) mainly because i cannot find my DSLR camera at my parents house. Hopefully it won’t die on me so when i do dig it out i can start using it straight away. I haven’t been actually doing anything whilst it’s snowed but show my daughter what it was and she didn’t think much of it but she is only 7 months old, so it is to be expected.

Alex in the snow

Hope you enjoy my photographs, if you have done anything interesting while the snow has been around please comment 🙂



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