2013 is MY year to shine!

Happy Belated New Year to each and every one of you reading this post.

So we all survived the “end of the world” as we know it. HURRAY. Weirdly i did not believe in anything about the calender stuffs and the worlds end because i googled it too many times and researched into background information allowing me to not have a fear or worry about it. Now i am taking life for all its glory and diving head first into a happy 2013. This WILL be MY year to turn heads and make something of my life. I am DETERMINED to get things right and make it one of my happiest years yet.

Looking over 2012 it has taught me a lot and made me realize certain things. Over the course of last year i had my ups and my downs. Mainly downs, but learning from them times i can now rise and create my new life and make myself a better person. For about 6 months of 2012 i can say i wasn’t happy. I was pregnant and nervous, yes pregnancy is a good thing but when you have self doubt and problems around you, it takes it toll on you and your emotions. I have learnt from my past mistakes that last year brought me and vow NEVER to go back to the life i had. This year i will not get or be depressed and i will not take my partner for granted and fuck it up like all the times before.

My gorgeous Lilith-Rose June2012

My gorgeous Lilith-Rose June2012

The end of last year was really when things started to turn around for me. I had my little girl in June of 2012 and she is happy and healthy. Having her has changed me for the better and i have become a happy and confident mummy. I decided to move back to my parents house, thus making me happier in an instant. I have built on my friendships with close people and my family all in a short space of time. All of the events of the last 3 months of 2012 have made my life brilliant and worth living. I feel re-born and rejuvenated in myself as a person. I am happier, kinder, friendlier and most of all more loving and caring.


As i step into 2013 with both feet i feel confident that this year i can finally get to where i want to be and have all the love and the support i can have from those around me. I am stupidly close with my mother and i know she is happy with me and my daughter being around her so much which is really handy if i need to get things done i have no worries on who will stick around and look after her for me. I have a lot of plans for this year and have no doubt in myself or anything around me that they will fail.

Now New Years resolutions is something i have NEVER stuck to and carried out. It is always the same, i will lose weight, i will improve on my look etc. All vain and horrible things that i get depressed about eventually. So this year my resolution is to carry on being happy with where i am in my life. What are your resolutions? Would love to hear some….

My daughter is nearly 7 months old now, which seems completely crazy but i love getting quality time with her and making her laugh and seeing all the new things she is learning. Plus there is a tiny bit of a tooth poking through her gum, it is adorable. She is the best thing that is a replica of myself. I want to teach her everything and be the best mum i can be to her this coming year and the years to come. She is such a diamond.

Always smiling ^^

Always smiling ^^

My partner and me are on really good grounds. I am really happy with him and confident about our relationship. OK we are only human and get the emotions anyone gets in a relationship but as we do we communicate and trust each other. Coming from where we have last year trust has certainly grown and it cannot be broken with anything. We do lots of different things together as a couple and he gets on with my family and vica versa. This is completely different to anything i have had before, even chilling in and watching comedy central all night is fun with each other and he always makes me laugh and just gets me….its lovely and i love him so much. He’s my world (probably reading this smiling too ^) and i wouldn’t change him for anything, he is perfect. I know everyone says nobody is perfect but when you step into my shoes you will realize just how perfect i think he is. He makes me so happy, happier than i have ever been, true happiness and true love.

Me and Alex <3

Me and Alex ❤

I plan on going to university this year and getting a degree in business and also start doing some hairdressing training if someone will take me on. The only thing i have against me is my age…i will be 22 this year and hairdressers normally don’t like the older apprentice, they like fresh youngsters such as 16 year olds who have just come out of school. However, i will show my determination and strive to get into the hairdressing business and break through and take creativity to a new height! This is my dream and  i will get it. Even if i have to grab the tip and pull myself up the ladder of success i will get there in the end.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. I hope everyone can be as happy as i am and will continue to be this year. I wish you all the very very best of luck for your plans this year. Keep Happy!


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