12 sleeps to go…

Christmas is neaely upon us and i can happily say i feel like a child again. Although i am a 21 year old mum i fewl about 5 years of age again wanting to jump on my parents christmas morning yelling “wake up its christmas”. This year is something that dawns the day of a new beginning.
I finally have a direction in life, a happy daughter, gleeful family and a stable and loving relationship. My life could not be any happier.

Hopefully we get snow this year which would increase my mood and make me one of the happiest people ever. Snowball fights, snow angels and kisses in the snow are all things im hoping for in the next few years. Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year (personally) and everyone deserves to be happy and enjoy each moment of it.


Christmas shopping continues next weekend…as an adult i am terribly dissorganised when it comes to presents but then again everyones pretty much getting more than one gift so i need to spread money costs. The hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers is something i really enjoy. This is mainly because most people are like me and do things last minute but it makes Christmas a reality which thus makes me happy. The day shall be spent with my family and partner stuffing our faces and watching shit tv all day. I havent had a Christmas at home for 2 years and it is my babys 1st Christmas so i could not be happier to be spending it with my family as they get to enjoy all the moments with me at this magical time.


I hope everyone feels so joyful just like i do when this time of year comes. Doubt i will post before Christmas so i wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

much love.Amy♥

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