happiness and harsh realities

hello all 🙂
this is a post if happiness and delight with the twisted reality of life itself.

since moving i could not be happier and how i feel about my current partner is beyond beliefe. I now understand how someone xan mean so much and its a weird feeling but i actually want to be with him for the rest of my life. I know he is the same as we have both layed the  cards on the table, so to speak and its nice to be with someone who has the same morals and the similar background as you. As any normal girl i am scared but im powering through that and taking each day as it comes with my man. I could not feel any happier with how my life is going with him and the direction that we are heading.



the harsh realities of life hit me hard today. Within my life i have my own obsticles to overcome and things to sort. My main issue is my daughter and the personal issues i have to battle with daily concerning her. As well as myself my partner has his own problems to sort out as well. Being in an adult relationship involves helping and doing all you can for one another and so far so good with all of the things we need to do. I have my family providing me with a lot of support which is fantastic and they are such a good network for me.

In a world full of wonder and amazement i find myself being consumed with the harsh reality i face everyday. The happiness i feel is concrete and loving but the reality needs to be sorted so that everyone can move on with stable minds and clear heads with whats to come in the future.


2012 is nearly over….lets hope we can start

a fresh and 2013 will be the start of the rest of my happy and loving life.


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