The Start of something Beautiful

Hello my long lost readers, 

I humble apologies for the lacking of posting since my last emotional breakdown i seemed to suffer for about 6 months. Since then i have had a major over haul of what most sane people would call “life”. It is currently chucking it down with rain outside as i sit nice and cosy with my little one blasting music and writing this. Anyways, back to the complete over haul….

Me and my little one moved to my mum and dads house. After 4 years of being an adult and living how i wanted to it was finally time to surrender and come clean that i needed my mum and dads help. I couldn’t do it like i was in Liverpool. So i upped sticks and took an hour travel to my mums house with most of my possessions in the back of a van….exciting. A new chapter in my life to start and get back in touch with old friends, go out and catch up with people, see my family and spend quality time with my mum. The thing you should all know is that i am dead close with my mum. Me and her get on so well and tell each other everything, its almost like having a really old best friend but she can yell at me for being untidy. So it is nice being back with her and i love how my family are with my daughter. The love her unconditionally and want to have her all the time.

My own emotional well being has changed dramatically. Emotional breakdowns are a thing of the past now a days. Since i have moved down to my mums i have not felt depressed for a long period of time. My daughter is a lot happier as she does not have to sit back and watch mummy panic and stress then ending up crying her eyes out afterwards. I have completely moved on from my last relationship, yes we still speak but we are both happier how we are. I find myself smiling stupidly a lot of the time about tiny little things that have happened or people i am going to see. I am a lot more confident in myself and my parenting skills which has made me a better person. I have some insecurities, don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t? Overall though i am happy where i am down south.

Friends and family are so delighted to have me and my little one around all the time. I have started seeing my two best friends on a regular basis which has really cheered me up a lot and made me happy along with the fact i am seeing family who i have not seen since i was 17. Its unbelievably nice how things have turned out. Then lastly there is my current relationship. The guy i am with is pretty god damn incredible. Okay, i didn’t plan on meeting him and everything that has happened but i wouldn’t change it for the world. Now i get the saying someone can quickly become so important. He is really important to me and we share a lot of the same things in common along with having a good time together. He is pretty much all i want in a guy, he cares about me, affectionate, good looking, funny, kind and sweet all rolled into one! I feel like i’m 16 again….

Hope i didn’t bore you…Please share feelings and thoughts



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