A tale of Teething…

Hello All.

So today my post shall be about babies! As my blog seems to like them. So my little one is now 4 months old (oh how time flies when your having fun) and her teeth are just settling into her gums ready to push through when shes a bit older. Now we all know that toothache completely sucks and is dead painful….i know this at the moment as my Wisdom teeth are just poking up…and let me tell you it is not the most joyous thing i have had happen to me. This little teething problem is now causing my little one to feed erratically and to whine and cry whenever she gets a small pain. Understandable yes?  I have no problem with this….until the night. This is the time i have now gotten used to her sleeping through the night…now all of a sudden im not allowed sleep..or very little of it. It feels like i’m going backwards, just like when she was first born and i was awake all night with her or up every few hours to feed her.  OK in all fairness i was warned about this after a few weeks by Wayne who said “you’ll get used to her sleeping in then BAM it will change suddenly” oh how god damn right he was.

Teething is driving me completely insane! Parents must lose their minds when they have a child…feels like i am to be perfectly honest. Although there are plus sides, shes finding her voice more and learning that she can have some sort of weird conversation with me when she wants to. This conversation amounts to nothing on my part but she thinks that she is saying proper words when really all that’s happening is a bit of dribble and a few “blah blerg” words come out of her mouth. I must admit its dead cute.

Smiling has now become a regularity. Now i don’t care how stressed or out of my mind i’m going as soon as she looks at me and smiles i turn into mush. It’s like some superpower she has that just makes me okay, to smile. It’s the weirdest feeling but one of the best being a mum. It lights up my day and allows me to look at my daughter and think she is the most precious and beautiful thing to happen to me.

my gorgeous daughter

I live 200 miles from my family (whom i am visiting next week) which has really taken a knock to  my confidence in “friend making”, along with the fact i haven’t been in a hugely social situation for about a year now since being pregnant etc. So i have been reccommended to attend some mums groups with my little one. This is something that i did not want to do originally and am still pretty scared of. However, i cannot sit around being scared of things, i’m 21 and a mum for godsake. So this friday coming i will be attending a babies group at my local health center to try and meet other mums in the area. It would be nice to have a few more friends up here and be able to pop round to their house or have them come to mine, take the kids to the park and such…..so i am looking forward to it but i am very apprehensive about it. Shall do a post on friday to tell you lovely readers all about it.

Haven’t been able to do anymore let’s plays, on my youtube channel which is a complete bummer. My recording software isn’t working properly so im going to have to get that sorted out before i can do them again. Its a big knock when you think you put up nice videos about games you enjoy and then no-one looks at them. I have done a few “Let’s pay” and only got 30 veiwers in the past 2 months….not exactly a spur on and no comments.


Have to excuse the rant today, sleep deprivation and stress has really taken its toll on me today.

Muchlove. A.


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