We’re All Mad Down Here……

Hello All. Today i shall be writing a review for “Alice, Madness Returns”.

Technical information:
Game: Alice: Madness Returns
Platforms: XBOX 360, Playstation 3 and PC.
Developer: Spicy Horse
Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA)
Designer: American McGee
Release: June 16th 2011(UK)
June 14th 2011(USA)
Genre: Psychological Horror and Action-adventure

“Alice: Madness returns” is a third person platform/action game. The game takes you through Alice’s journey into Wonderland, getting answers to some very mind boggling questions. The whole of Wonderland shows her everything that has happened since her first journey (Alice by American McGee PC) and what she needs to do to get said answers.

 Alice is a young girl around 17 years of age. You see her first in an Orphanage where she has been brought up from a young age due to a tragic fire her parents and sister had died in. This is the building blocks for her “madness”. If you have played the first Alice, then you will know about why she has been set on this second journey into Wonderland, if you haven’t, got play it! NOW, or carry on reading…..Each chapter of the game begins with Alice herself in Victorian London and you travel around, finding out the next steps for her journey. You follow a white cat in the first one to where this Scottish lady stands atop the roofs of London looking after her pigeons. If anyone is like me i instantly thought of the old lady from Mary Poppins, a nice sweet old lady who would give Alice a helping hand…oh how i was wrong. After a very creepy introduction to this woman you are thus transported into Wonderland.

Wonderland, what a BEAUTIFUL place it is. The artwork is fantastic and the graphics superb for this game. Bright colours, lots of flowers and pretty green grass. I was really impressed with how Spicy Horse and EA had depicted American McGee’s interpretation of what Wonderland would be a second time around. Alice is dressed in the famous Blue and white dress seen on the cover with her, with a small introduction in how to control Alice in-game. I was completely impressed how the controls where easy to use and she moved exactly how you wanted her to (no, she didn’t jump 4 times when i only pressed it once.) and you have a triple jump element to it which brought either great defeat to those who like to estimate or control with those with logic.

The Vorpal Blade is the first weapon Alice comes across. This was like butter in my hands. I went mad with the hack and slash action you could perform when encountering enemies. Over the game you collect a total of 4 weapons which include a peppper grinder and a teapot. Now i don’t know if anyone has tried to fight with a Teapot, but as far as i am aware you cannot shoot green tea from it so that it wills whatever is in your way…..anyway….the weapons are upgrade able  another element to the game i really enjoyed. However, to upgrade said weapons you must collect teeth. I personally felt like a fucked up tooth fairy collecting shiny teeth to make myself stronger.

As you progress through the game the only thing that seems to get a bit on the “mundane” side is the enemy encounters. You get a lot of the same enemies in each Chapter. Yes, there are new additions but they like to try and fuck with you putting old ones in on the odd occasion to see if you can still fight them and kill them without going into Hysteria. Hysteria is probably one of the most fantastic things in the game. You see Alice turn into a raging angry teenager, the ones mums and dads dream about their children being, but its much more creepy and disturbing than that. This is where Alice can hack and slash to her hearts content with more power, but a catch of only half a rose left for her life.

The platforming element to the game did surprise me. It is not your normal “trolling through levels” platform game. it gives you a means of exploration, objects to overcome and a high sense that you are in full control. Along with the fact you have Alice’s DOORS that you pass through to give you a short comic like scene showing the progression of the story so far and thus allowing you to recap and then go onto finding everything in the next part of the chapter.

Overall, the game is fantastic. I really enjoyed listening to the story and playing out her adventure. It took me a good few days to complete and does get progressively more difficult as you get further engrossed into it. One of my main highlights (being a woman) is the dresses and outfits that they had Alice dress in. They all perfectly co-ordinated with wonderland and looked magnificent. If i could get them all, i would! Collecting bottles and memories to add to the story really made me captivate Alice as her character and how her mind set had developed over the years. Getting into the game i saw myself familiarizing where she was as i have ready Alice in Wonderland more times than i would like to admit. It gave me a sense of wonder and amazement as i glided, slashed and teapotted everything in the game. The story line can be creep, characters mentally insane and enemies you would only dream of. I would highly reccommend the game to anyone who likes horror, platforming and Fairytales.





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