Lose That Baby Weight!

Hello everyone.

You will have to excuse the fact that i have not posted in (i don’t know how long) ages. There has been a lot going on my end with a friend going back to University and me doing school runs. Plus i’m in the middle of getting my house cleaned and trying to sort out my daughters bedroom so that when she turns 6 months she can go straight into it.

Now being a mum in my position makes me feel a little bit off in my self confidence. I have put on at least 2 stone whilst i was pregnant and now i have to lose that weight so that i can feel better about myself. As a lot of people will know pregnancy weight is the hardest to lose for some people. Unfortunately i am one of them people, the ones who have never found losing weight easy and this is no exception. Over the past 3 and a half months my body has not gone back to its old shape, i now have stupidly wide hips and should have a “wide load” sticker on my bum and a beeping noise for when i walk around. I am pretty much horrified with myself after pregnancy. So now, i cannot sit back and look at myself be like this any longer.

Me in my last week of pregnancy.




As mums will know you don’t always have time to go the gym to work out because you have a little one to look after. A friend of mine recommended Body Rock TV. It is personal trainers giving you small and handy workouts to do each day at home and they only take 20 minutes maximum! This appealed to me as i have to watch my daughter and have other things to do during the day so exercise is limited. I will be doing the “30 day challenge” which will boost my strength, flexibility and overall look of my body. I am hoping to lose weight along the way but to get rid of all the pudgy bits pregnancy has given me more of. Me and a friend are doing it together in the evenings so that we can keep each other motivated and it is something fun we can do together.

I have looked on the Body Rock TV website and it is amazing to see some of the progress people are making. I know i am not going to get my ideal look straight away it will probably take a few months to do. So i’m hoping i look better by new year of 2013. So that gives me 3 months to try and look good, exercise for a short period of time a day and start eating healthier meals so that i can get all the nutrition i need.

Me and my friend did the fitness test yesterday… which was really tiring but really good. You have 4 exercises to complete 3 times over. You do the exerise for 50 seconds then 10 seconds rest, then moving to the next exercise. You repeat it 3 times and then total up the amount of exercises you did. The fitness comprised of:

Push Ups
Tricep Dips
Afterwards i was shattered! Today i am really feeling the ache too in my stomach, legs and arms. I feel really good and positive about it though….so i’m hoping i can keep up with it. I will post a before and after when i have done the program, hoping to inspire people to get and do it themselves. Whether you are a mum or just someone unhappy with their fitness it is really good to do! Plus it makes you feel good and happy about where you want to do with your fitness level. I also did a 10 minute yoga cool down to relax my muscles and relax my mind, this added to me feeling extra good afterwards!

Hope this post inspires mums and others to get out there and do what they want to make themselves happy!



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