Pink Is Perfect

Hello All,

So here is another nail tutorial! This time i wanted a nice bold colour to show off to the world. So i chose AZI nail polish in pink. I got this as a gift from my mother when she came down which was really nice.  I used the fake nails that i used in the last blog post here.

Step 1.

After following the steps in the previous post unscrew your AZI nail polish and paint a top coat onto the nail.

Step 2.

When the first coat of polish is dry repeat the process applying a second coat. Depending on how strong you want the colour you can apply a third coat, but make sure you have plenty of time for them to dry.

Finished Product:

I applied 3 coats of the polish to my nails. Then a top coat of clear varnish to aviod chipping. I want a nice strong vibrant colour to welcome the winter in. Hope you all enjoy this post. Please leave comments, follow and subscribe for more posts!


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