Glittery and Glamorous…!!!

Recently i have wanted to make a big show of my nails! I love having my nails done, but its getting too expensive. So i thought i would invest in some DIY nails so that i can make them look how i wanted without the HUGE price tag.

All i did was size up my nails, buff my naturals, glue and then the magic happened! I applied some TECHNICS glitter nail polish. At first it came out all bitty so that the whole nail wasn’t covered in glitter so after a good hour i managed to get all of the nails fully glittered to the max. I love them and im so pleased with them. Here is a breakdown for those who want to have glamorous glittery nails. I got my nails from Body Care along with the nail polish….total cost £3

Step 1. 
Buff and file your natural nails. This will make the natural nail easier for the glue to stick to and take.

Step 2.
Size and glue the fake nails. Sizing nails is pretty easy. You don’t want nail that goes over your natural one, that would be too big and you do not want any natural nail showing, that would be too small. So make sure they fit perfectly. This may take a while depending on how much of a perfectionist you are. Me, it take a while because my nails have to be absolutely perfect. You can use french tipped nails or just plain white ones like these….

Step 3.
Apply glitter to the nail in one stroke and see how you feel about it. If you like the small amount then keep it like that! It’s still gorgeous. To cover the full nail you apply one coat and then use “dabbing” so that the glitter covers all the nail and leave to dry for about half an hour to an hour. Once they are dry apply a top coat so that glitter will not chip off when you are going about your daily business. VOILA LA!! Glamorous and gorgeous glittery nails! All done at a cheap price.




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