The Future Looks Bright and Glittery!

Hello All.

Firstly i would like to apologise for my inactivity over the past few weeks. I have finally gotten mine and my daughters house sorted out with furnishings,now all that’s left to do is the decor. I swear i’m getting “Cream paint” headaches now a days. It looks so clinical. Time for a splash of colour for me and my baby girl.

I recently had a visit from my mother and best friend (BIG SMILES) which was really nice and i enjoyed their company. It was nice to have people in my house, gets a bit lonely in the evenings when your on your own but during the day baby conversation can drive a woman crazy. So having the company was lovely. I also got to show off my new house and my daughter to my best friend which she loved and got on really well with my little girl.

I also got Guild Wars 2. To anyone who knows about games you will understand perfectly what it is and how utterly awesome it is. Okay i shelled out £50 for a hard copy of it but damnnnnn it’s totally worth it. If anyone is playing Guild Wars 2 please send me your character name and i will add you 🙂 Would like some new people to play with and party with. I will also be putting up a “let’s play” on here and youtube so whoever may be interested please sub my channel and keep an eye on what i’m posting!

I have made an improvement on my personal doubt too! A revelation has happened in the world of Amy. I have taken the initiative to improve my life and make it better for the sake of my sanity and my daughter. I have gotten my hair done (how is that a revelation, you ask?) which has improved my confidence and made me feel better about myself thus spurring me to do things and not just sit around wallowing in self pity like i have done the past few days.  I have also  joined as a student at the local college to do a part time business and management foundation degree! This is a big thing for me because it makes me one step closer to my dream of owning my own hairdressing and beauty salon, it also gives me something productive to do and to look forward to. It is 2 nights a week for 3 hours. 6 hours a week learning, LOVE IT! I start that on the 17th so i’m really excited about it, hope to do really well and make lots of new friends and have a good time. This time round i am getting my head down to study hard and make a better life for me and my daughter.

Finally everything is slotting nicely into place. I feel like i can handle my own life now and make steps to being the best person i can be.

Hoping everyone is well! Very happy mood today.

Leave me nice things.


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