The Journey to PINK hair.

Hello All.
I had totally forgotten about this post i wanted to do about my hair. Now i don’t know if other girls are as fussy as me but i love my hair and if i like my hair then i feel pretty. Now for the past 2 years i have been dark haired…browns, reds, black, you name it and i’ve done it. Now i want to go back to being blonde then go PINK. This is the one hair colour i have never had but always wanted.

To start my jounrey to getting my hair said pink colour i have had to take out all the dark colour i have had in my hair from the past 2 years. I did this by using a cheap colour remover that was MAX strength. It was only 4.99 from B&M which i must admit was attractive as other places charged nearly £12 for a colour remover. Here is a step by step guide as to how i want to get to the desired pink colour…hopefully by christmas.


I mixed part A with Part B and thus applied all over my hair. Plus side is there is plenty in the bottle to cover the whole of my head with some extra to apply to my mid lengths and ends. Negative is that it truly smells awful. If you get this please open all your windows…i beg you. You should leave the product on for about an hour to get the full results and the best possible chance of removing. Then when washing apply the shampoo twice and rince thoroughly. This will ensure that all of the colour that has been on your hair previously is removed.

After applying the first box i did not have my lengths and ends to how i wanted them as you can see in the previous photo it is still dead dark. I then applied a second box a few days later to try and ensure my mid section of hair would be lightened further. Application was the same as step 2 and duration left on was the same as well.

This is the step i am still yet to take. I went to the hairdressers to see if they could get me back to the white i used to be. (see photo below) They did a test strand and told me it would take 4 tries to get it to white. THIS is going to cost A LOT of money. £80 they have charged me to get it done….so 4x£80 is….£320…with a new born i cannot just throw that money away on my hair. Deduction….DIY JOB. I will be bleaching it myself using LIVE colour XXL 00B to do my hair. I won’t do it for a good few weeks though as i want to make sure my hair is free from all its colour so that the bleach has the best possible chance of taking to my hair and i won’t just waste money.

After getting my hair to the shade of blonde that i want i will be buying extensions to go with it because i hate my short hair and then using MANIC PANIC candyfloss pink to go on my hair. This will turn it a light shade of pink which i am really looking forward to.

Anyone got wacky coloured hair? Photos would be great or experiences….comments, follows and likes.




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