Hello All.

You will have to excuse me from not posting the past few days. I have had a lot going on so have not found myself the time to keep you all reading my wonderful words…however, now i shall!

This is “LETS PLAY”. An idea that me and Wayne had because we like gaming and find ourselves watching gaming videos on youtube. It is where i play through games and record them as i go through them.

I have created my first one! Yey. Smiles! It is of “Mini Ninjas” a game i am personally fond of and love to play as it is fun and has a nice story line to it. I shall be videoing my progress in parts and will hopefully get voice overs soon so you can hear me talking about the game as i play it. For this one though it just has a nice piece of music that i like to go over my “training” missions.

Please go to my YouTube channel @: http://www.youtube.com/user/amybrant1991

You can see the video there and i would love for people to subscribe and comment leaving me ways i can improve or what you like about it etc. In the near future myself and wayne will be dong videos of games we enjoy together showing clips from his gameplay and mine. Two of the games we will be covering are “The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion” and “World Of Warcraft”.

     Subscribe, follow and comment. 🙂


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