Welcome Home!

Hello All,

Have taken a break from posting the past few days due to a new routine in my life. So this shall be an update on parenting and life…i guess. So i am now back at my own little 2 bedroom house down the road from Wayne’s and it literally looks like a bomb has hit it. I have a mammoth cleaning task on my hands, which is proving difficult now my little one is awake more during the day. I love how she is more awake, gives me time to play with her and see her develop. She copies me and gives me lots of smiles, making my heart fill with joy and my eyes well up with tears knowing that shes my little angel who i would die for and who i love with all my heart and soul.

Juggling a household and a baby is going to be one tough job. I realized this the first night back…. my little one is now 8 weeks old and she is so used to me being in front of her pretty much all the time. My new house echos due to me not having a lot of furniture, so she decided she would cry a lot because of the new sounds that could be made. I then had to do her bottles, which proves a difficult task when you have a baby in one hand and you have to rinse and undo a bottle in the other…i still have not mastered this, hopefully i will in the next few days.

I have clothes everywhere and they all need washing, drying and putting away. I still  don’t have enough storage so i need to put clothes in piles on the floor. Lilith has so many clothes her draws are now bulging! Its completely mad just how much shit i can accumulate. I may need to go through everything this week and sort my whole life out. I have been a typical woman and made a list of what i need to get to finish off my house, which i am determined to get sorted by the time Christmas is here. My mother is bringing a few spare things she has at her house that her and my dad don’t want anymore and a friends giving me some stuff too…hand me downs…always good.

Night times have become a lot easier after 2 days of screaming because we weren’t in daddy’s house. However, now after many cuddles and kisses she is settling easier and going through the night for about 6 hours. Hello Sleep back! I could not be happier about this. I now have the confidence i needed to know i can do things. Wayne always told me i was doing well and that i was a brilliant mum, but i needed to see for myself which i can now and i am really happy about it.

Other things in life are ticking along. Now everyone seemed to be having babies when i wasn’t pregnant and now everyone seems to be getting engaged. Over the past month i have seen like 4 or 5 of my friends either getting engaged or planning a wedding. Its mad to see all them facebook status’ that make you feel sick to the stomach because they are all gushy and gross about their wedding to come. I’ve already been invited to a good friends wedding next year which will be nice. I guess i just get jealous of them, like any girl i have a dream to get married…maybe i shouldn’t want it so young because after all i am only 21 but a girl can dream and hope that one day it will happen.

I am planning to post at least 4 of 7 days a week, so follow and comment to keep updated with everything that is going on in my life and other topics of interest i shall be posting about!

Much love. Amy.





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