Just Jeans…

Hello all.

Today i shall be explaing my dialemma over Jeans. Yes jeans, them simple everyday key pieces that NEED to be in ones wardrobe. Why does it need to be in your wardrobe? So that you can be a functioning normal human being.

After pregnancy i am NOT my original size. So anyone who says they went back to their original size straight after having a baby is a LIAR. Hips are my major issue….I had “birthing hips” before i was pregnant, which in my eyes is one saying that i have HUGE HIPS. Not the best compliment a woman would want. Then as i was pregnant they got bigger so i could give birth to my daughter. Now i literally find it IMPOSSIBLE to know what jeans to buy.

I have only gone up one dress size after being pregnant, which weight wise won’t be too difficult to lose. So i went shopping this afternoon to buy some new jeans as i do not fit my pregnancy ones anymore. Wonderng around the local shopping centre browsing stores i find myself wondering what would look good and what would be the most practical type of jeans to buy.

I never knew there would be so many styles of jeans:

Skinny fit
These jeans are really nice. A snug fit on the hips travelling straight down your leg, fitting your contours lightly.

Pretty much self explainitory. They are similar to straight legged jeans but flare a little at the bottom, allowing to sit on boots nicely.

Super Skinny Fit
“Spray on” as i like to call them. I used to live and die in these jeans before i was pregnant. They almost stick to your legs and look fabulous!

Baggy Jeans. They are very “boy” styled so that they hang from your legs and give you a grungy sort of look.

Tight jeans on the thighs and baggy at the bottom. Now adays flares are not like the ones you got in the 60s (thank god).

Straight Leg
Bog standard jeans that go straight down and do not shape your legs. Just your average daily jean.

After spending about an hour deciding and trying jeans on i went with a pair of Skinny Fit and a pair of Bootcut. I went for them because they balanced my shape out a little and are nice around my hips and bum. If you have larger hips, bootcut are always a good choice as they kick a little at the bottom balancing your hips out. Skinny fit are a bit of a dive if you have larger hips, and i would say its a confidence issue. If you feel comfortable in them and pair them with a cute top GO FOR IT. If not, learn to love them and they will love you!

A wave of reliefe came over me after making my purchases. I do not think i have been more confused in my life…so im glad its over and done with now…my brain hurts. Although i am debating on getting some brights for the winter and maybe some florals too! All the rage this summer and look incredibly cute ^.^

Anyone else have a jeans dialemma? Any advice on how to dress for your shape?








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