Handy Hand Me Downs.

Now being a mum on a tight budget means that you can’t always get everything you want. Believe me i wish i could…shoes…handbags…tops….dresses….hair extensions….its pretty much all a thing of the past now i have a child to look after. Of course, she gets first because she comes before me first. However, money saving tip i have learnt is that hand me downs are REALLY helpful.

Totally true. I find me and Wayne, my parter, buying things we used to play with as children. For example this afternoon we brought the kids marbles and spud gun.


We are always going to the Charity shops and giving them our clothes or sending them off with projects to third world countries…so i say help your friends and family too by giving them hand me downs. It was always like that in my parents household when we were kids. If i grew out of something it would be passed to Holly my sister to see if she could fit it and if she did then it would get a few more months wear out of it or it would go to my best friend Montanna. She always liked my clothes…i think she still has a top from when i was 14 and it fits her now. aha. Growing up into a teenager i didn’t want other peoples stuff, i wanted my own shiney new things making me think in a negative light about second hand things.

Charity Shop Logos



This started when me and Wayne first knew we were having a little girl. Firstly, my cousin was offering me her little ones new born clothes as her Lily was 3 months, so she did not need them and it would be a shame to throw them out. So i accepted them mainly because i didn’t have any clothes for my little one at that time. Then Wayne thought it would be a good idea for us to go through Freyas old baby clothes. Freya is now 3 so she really doesn’t need them. We did this and fund we had more 3-6 month things than anything, at least Lil could grow into them. We then went and brought a few new things for her such as a dress and a winter snuggly. I loved going and buying new things for her, it made me feel really good and like “what i thought was” a proper mum.
Now that my little Lilith is here i am so appriciative of the hand  me down clothes as it saved us a lot of money. We have had the rest of it to pay out and it just isnt enough. I have also been recieving clothes from my sister that she no longer wants or needs. This is something i like because me and my sister Holly have a good relationship and she has some really nice clothes. So she will give me a ring and tell me she has some clothes she thinks i would like and sends them up via post because i live so far away from her.

My Daughter. Fast asleep in the playsuit given to me by my cousin Louise


I recieved my package the other day and i must say the clothes are lovely and some of them look like they haven’t been worn. My new favourite piece though is a black and white stripped crop top that is quite baggy which is nice because its hot and i think it looks lovely on me! Looks pretty much brand new too and i can’t recall my sister wearing it. It’s a nice thing for me to update my wardrobe, especially after being pregnant. I don’t fit into my pregnancy clothes but i don’t fit my original wardrobe because i aven’t lost all of the baby weight yet. So having some clothes that i can wear for the time being is really nice and gives me a fresh look as a mummy so im not all frumpy and fat.

The top my sister gave me that has now become my new favourite item of clothing.


So all in all the lesson i have learnt is Second hand or Hand me downs are really helpful. Looking to save some money? Ask around family and friends. If they don’t want it, its better it goes to you than to someone else! It’s really hand and i must admit, the baby clothes that we have for Lil are adorable. My cousin gave me a jumpsuit that looks adorable on Lil and little dresses are just so cute (see photo above).







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