SAY NO…to naked nails!

Good Morning Readers!

Nothing like a good dose of relentless tropical and a smoke to start my day. After having a decent nights sleep i have decided to delve into an old pleasure of mine. Nail art…. I would like to do a weekly post titled “nails of the week” if anyone is interested on emailing me photos please comment below.

The Fake Nails.

Brought for £4.50 in TESCO. Easy to apply and came with liquid glue as well as 24 nails. Must say i am very impressed and salon finish without paying over the odds. 🙂 Recommend.

Firstly, i got into wanting to create makeshift nail art after watching a program on Channel 4 about saving money. When you are a parent, saving money is always a good thing and needed. A lady showed a group how to create salon look nails on a cheap budget.

  • One of the designs was leopard print; Use 2 different nail polishes, one for the bottom coat and one for the spots. After drying get a liquid eyeliner and go round the spots roughly then apply a top coat. Cost – £0.00
  • Glitter Tips: buy glitter from a cheap shop (Eg. 99p store), paint nails the desired colour, add a top coat to the tip of the nail then proceed to dip in the glitter. Allow a few minutes for drying. To get rid of excess glitter use a cotton bud to go over the rest of the nail and behind. Then apply top coat and leave to dry.
  • Makeshift Nailpolish. Now i will not go through the process as i found it on a blog. Please click here to see how to do it ^.^

SuperScrimpers. Channel 4 program about the best ways to save money.

Now a days nail art is becoming more and more popular as the season progresses. I personally love all the different types of things you can do on your nails. Match with your clothes, mood, weather, favourite pastime…the possibilites are endless. Just take a few bottles of your favourite polish, a pinch of creativity and BAM, you have fabulous nails within half an hour. I have seen more and more posts on nail art too which has inspired me to try it out. I wear false nails as im a horrible nail biter without them, only the cheap stick on ones for now, the salon will have to wait. I think i am going to go with a pink and blue for my nails as the summer is bright, today is gorgeously hot, so why shouldnt my nails match my mood?!?! I will post up a seperate post with my attempt! so keep an eye out.

Hello Kitty Nails ^^

I have been looking around at peoples blogs and things on facebook to reveal just how creative people get with this new fad of nail art. The main thing i see is that it is a completely new revolution to the old “pre designed” nails you get in stores or the extra £10 that its going to cost for someone to put a stensil on your nail and spray. There is much more thought that goes into nails now a days and much more creativity. From a simple polka dot pattern to designs such as the infamous “Angry Birds”. Seriously, people have taken nai art to a whole new level.

HelloGiggles – Watermelon Nails.

Olympic Nails.^^ Caoline Burke

Companies are also jumping on the bandwagon with the new types of polishes you can buy. I am a complete slave to OPI and Nails Inc, thanks to my mother who used to be a nail technician. They would be the polishes she would use and i would sit for hours with her at work and paint my nails, practice nails that she didnt need in her kits and my dollies nails too. Companies such as these are now bringing out sets that compliment each other, glitters, crackles, mattes and gloss polishes that stun the world. They have some truely gorgeous colours and styles that when applied i can only imagine as beautiful to the eye.

The amazing Spider-Man collection from OPI



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