Stepping into a fairytale.

Alice In Wonderland…

Having a new born is the most wonderful thing in the world, you get to spoil them rotten and buy them all the nice things you want. However, over the course of my pregnancy and the birth of my baby girl i have started finding myself thinking “When can i get nice things?” This then prompted me to have a look online for some new clothes and accessories because as whomever has been pregnant, you do not go back to your original straight away but do not fit the pregnancy clothes. So to make myself look and feel better i want to get a few items.

I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. As a child i had the book read to me and when i was able to read it myself, i did. The whole fantasy of it captivated me and made my imagination stretch to great lengths. I watched the Walt Disney film and the new Tim Burton adaptation which i can honestly say was not a bad spin. I have always wanted a tattoo inspired by it and i have recently found myself looking at jewellery too. I have a bit of a bad habit for being slave to big jewellery and anything that’s vintage.

This is a friends Alice in Wonderland Tattoo ^^. So gorgeous.

Trolling through Ebay (mums best friend) i found a lot of jewellery inspired by it and really want some! The Ebay Shop is and i must say it has some gorgeous pieces along with cheap prices and P&P. The pieces that attracted me the most where:
AIW Large Key
AIW key, rabbit, teapot
AIW time for tea

Esty is another place that i found some Alice inspired jewellery. A lot of people go on about how Esty is a really good site to find things, so i thought i would check it out. Penny Masquerade is the shop i was looking at and the pieces are just beautiful throughout the whole of the store. I cannot get over the exquisite designs and time it must have taken to make the pieces on there. I would recommend checking it out.
Alice Charm Bracelet
2. You’re just a pack of cards
They are my favourite ones.

Does anyone else have a certain look or design they like to buy and browse for when getting new things? Would love to hear from you.


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