Do you have a top 5?

Now from what i have read over the past few days on here a lot of people do gaming based posts and blogs. This is something i would love to try out so why not now XD
I am giving my top 5 games of all time and why i love them.

5. Skyrim (Xbox 360 Edition)










This is my number 5 due to its stunning visuals and freedom of the game. Skyrim is an RPG (role playing game) that is one in a series called “The Elder Scrolls”. It offers you 300 hours of game time which is EPIC… Now any normal minded individual would ask why someone would need that much game time. Skyrim NEEDS that amount of gaming time, due to its large number of places to visit and explore along with a various number of quests and pathways you can take during the course of the game. The start gives you a good idea of why you are in Skyrim and what you have to do along with allowing you fully customisable character so you can portray whomever you wish when playing. The game has an elegent beauty about it regardless of its bloody battles and interesting developments in your journey. I cannot stress how visually fantastic it is to play and just to stand and look around. Skyrim comes on all platforms (PC, Ps3 and Xbox360) and is now pretty cheap to buy. I would reccomend it to those who enjoy RPG’s and have played any earlier series such as Oblivion.

4.Final Fantasy IX (Playstation/PSP)









Final Fantasy 9 is now one of my most played games thanks to my partner Wayne. He introduced me to the game after i had a very horrible experience with FF8 for the playstation when i was a child. However, with time comes knowledge and i had gained a little since playing that. I was hesitant at playing it to begin with but found myself settling into the game very nicely and becoming attached to certain characters right away. There is a really nice story line to go with the game and you need to pay attension to it to progress in the game. There is over 60 hours of play for this game and the areas you explore bring you more knowledge and character progression is steady and action in the game is epic. The fight scenes are really nice with battle music and you have control of whomever is in your party and allowed to change said party to suit your style of play and the monsters you face. One of the best things about FF9 is the chocobos. They are bird like animals that you race and ride around the world in the game and are really cute!

3. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Full series. (PC, Playstation, PS2, PS3, Xbox360)











Lara croft was one of my first games as a child that graced my playstation in my bedroom. I have to admit i was skeptical about this game because all i had heard about was Lara and her sex appeal to both men and women. Her large square breasts and pixel square buttox where really not a selling point for me, but regarless of that i gave it a go. Over the course of time Lara has changed from pixel square bum and lines to have a very womanly curvy stature and more intence personality. From Tomb Raider one through to The Gaurdian of Light there have been many progressions and changes to the games but i have still come to love and appriciate Lara as a character and the games themselves. Over the series the monsters have gotten scarier and the plots to the games have become very intence and personal during the games. The best Tomb Raider to me has to be “Chronicles” or “Tomb Raider 4” to some people. I enjoyed the trasition from Lara being a teenager following Von Croy and beating him in a training race to the plot development of catching Von Croy over the game. The cut screens for miss crofts journey are always ones to be enjoyed, from the memories of her father to car chases and bad guys on the run, always worth a watch and a very detailed insite to the plot so far.

The series is stretching further in 2013 with a new Lara appearing in “Tomb Raider” showing Lara just out of college and embarking upon her journey to becoming the heroine we all know and love. The graphics for the game look stunning and it has been moved from a release date 2012 to Jan 2013. Let’s hope it will be good and will make us enjoy Lara moreso than we already do.









2. World Of Warcraft (PC)



Now i never really thought i would ever have this as a game in my top because i used to play it and get confused. Today, i love the game and cannot get enough of playing it day after day, hour after hour. As geeky as world of Warcraft used to be it is pretty diverse now in players online. It is an Online MMO RPG game which is £8.99 a month subscription. You are allowed a full character customisation and then you embark upon your own journey. It is a feeroam game so you can explore for hours on end or follow quest lines it is really up to you. Personally i like following quests, levelling up and being a part of a guild. You can do many a things on WoW such as auction gear and items, get flyable mounts to go places, summn pets, raid with other players, do dungeons, fight bosses, imporve spells, be strength, heal or damage based. It is such a good game and one i know i will carry on playing. There is a choice of two “badges” Allience and Horde. Then you have a good amount of servers to join and characters you can create. I have 4 characters on mine at the moment which i have one at Level 85 which was my first ever character and others that i have started again with. I like getting achievements during the game along with playing it with my partner and other friends to do some practices with my skills or just to go and have a laugh. The game has a level 20 trail allowing you level a character to that then pay to play afterwards.


1. Halo Collection (xbox/360)






Halo has been a childhood love of mine. The first time i played the game i was hooked and as i have gotten older i have gone back to the games to re-do the campaigns and the split screen multiplayer made it fun for me and my mates. Plus with xbox live now you can play multiplayer all over the world! I literally love every element of the games, endless nights have been spend killing the flood and grunts in the game. Cortana has to be one of the best characters appart from The chief. She is very much a relatable character and she guides you through the game, which you automaticallu folow and allows for you to bond with her a little more as you progress through the game. Chief is the master and commander who is your character you play. The cut scenes and graphics are stunning after the “Halo Anniversary” was made and you could see the transition from the original Halo to the Newly re mastered version. I will never get bored of playing these over and over again. After a good few years the new Halo 4 game sets to debut at the end of this year, following chief in his mission to rescue Cortana! Something i am very much excited to play.

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