A little “Me”

5 weeks and im now to the point of  where a few hours sleep is just enough to get me through the day and motherhood is still a work in progress….my bags are looking like small blackholes and a ciggy is a precious thing, for both me and Wayne, my partner. Over the 5 weeks i have been blessed with my baby girl, i am finding things better than i thought. This may be down to the fact me and Wayne are working as a team in supporting each other and looking after the baby. However, now i am starting to settle into things i look back and really did not invision this happening to me. Mother at 21 yeats of age and happily settled in a long term relationship. I thought i would be conquering the world with my photography and dreams…and yes there is still no limits when it comes to this, but at the moment family is more important.

I have finally looked to the future and decided that i am destined to make my own way and have my own hairdressing/beauty salon. I have recently gotten more focused on the beauty element of things after giving birth (as women know) is not the most rewarding to your body and confidence afterwards. So i have taken time this week to have 5 minutes to glue n some fake nails and i make sure that most days i have a nice face of makeup to make me feel better about myself and to look nice for Wayne because i don’t want to look like (excuse the wording) a trolop of a mother. I have also gone for a change in haircolour to red and cut bangs in as i have always liked them.

I have become one of them parents that takes photos of everything a child does. We are finally getting our baby girl to smile now and i tell you what its the most difficult thing to get caught on camera. Even when filming it she knows what a camera is and she wont do it. I sat for 8 minutes filming her and zip….nada…nothing but tongues and grumpy faces. At least i am getting use out of my phone camera and my DSLR now which is lovely and i can then embarrass her later on in life as all parents do. I had it done on my 21st birthday via my fathers facebook so she will be getting the same treatement. haha.

If im 100% honest i really enjoy being a parent and sorting out my llife has comme naturally with that. My little girl is the most precious thing to me and my family are entwined so that we can all be happy. I want to post regularly on here as well which is why i have given it a bit of a re-vamp. Hopefully be posting beauty things, gaming things, photos and also any “handy housewife” tips that i pick up on my parenting ways. Now its time to take some “Me” into concideration and start to look my best and feel good about what i am doing to lift my thoughts after a night of bottles and nappies.


Amy. x

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