Project 365..Day #66 The Guardian News….

Hello All.

Today is pretty much a rant about the Guardian newspaper.


I of all people understand how fashion are trying to accept everyone and mediate to all groups of people. They are trying to introduce things for the curvy lady (levis new “Curve” collection), plus sized models doing spreads in magazines and on the runway and now the older generation. As lovely as it is to have inspiring people for the older gneration and older models posing for fashion photography it is not giving off (to me) the desired effect.

In this article the journalist is interveiwing the older models that have been picked by the Guardian to feature. This is all about getting to the model and making it personal because thats what people can relate to. What 80 year old woman is going to relate to a 20 year old who doesn’t eat during the day and only takes laxatives as a way of enjoyment? NOT MANY. They just go into a little detail about their lives and get to know the model which is lovely and i think its very admirable.

HOWEVER, the photograph that is shown for the article seriously puts a downer on this.The photograph for a staters is manipulated by some sort of photo editing software as there is no photographer that does not edit his or her images. The second is the lighting positioning; it is making the front of the face over exposed so that you cannot see the full extent of her “elderly skin” which is a something that a photographer will do to make people look youthful. I like the photograph, dont get me wrong, i just think it could have been taken in a better way to show that she really is just an elderly woman modelling.

I think that photographers will use all the tricks they do now a days in general modelling to all the elderly ladies and gents that do this new type of modelling. Especially when it comes to brands and products because their main goal is to follow a brief that wants to sell something. Simple with that is sex cells when it comes to a product. Something i learnt a few years ago and something i have noticed more and more as i get older.

I like the article i just dont think that it shows the real and full extent to which this could be used in a positive manor.

Sorry for the rant….had to get it out there.



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