Project 365…Day #61

1st of March Already??!?!!?

Hello Readers

We are officially 1/4 of the way through the year….already. Seriously where has the time gone. It doesn’t feel like the year has even started really when i know it has for 3 months now. Today’s post is something of an oddity with me. Last week JK Rowling announced that she was going to write her first book for adults! Something i am somewhat excited about because i love the Harry Potter books.

I have some weird little obsession about them to be honest. I love reading them, ever since i was a child at the tender age of 7. In 1997 JL Rowling brought out the first harry potter book. As any child is most likely to be able to read by the age of 7 i gave the book a really good go, with the help of my parents listening to me pronounce words and get very into the story. It was hard to put these childhood novels down.

I look back at the books now and get a real hankering to read them. I had the collection with the brightly scrawled drawings on the front that made them appeal to children even more than a normal book. The whole entanglement of a fantasy life as a magical being with the normality of living at a god-aweful aunt and uncles really made me bond with the books, even now in later life. The books take your imagination to a different world allowing you to come up with crazy concepts of how people would look or act. All adults who have read the books before the movies came out can gaurentee that the characters played in the films are different to the ones in their imagination.

The films i have re-downloaded and got on the laptop ready to watch as well because i do enjoy the films. I prefer the novel and always have done when it comes to adaptations. Original is always best. So from the Sourcerer’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows pt2 i shall be watching them again.

I will be re-reading the whole of the Harry Potter book collection through the year. I am not a huge reader, however, when it comes to HP i always find i am reading for hours and hours. I know this isnt as obvious as my other posts for the year on art but i wanted to delve in deeper to the mind and think about the imagination as art and a blank canvas everytime you pick up a book.

In my opinion: The Best Novel from the collection 😀

Much Love.



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