Project 365 Day #55…Weekly Photo Challenge!


So indulge to me this week is not the typical food photographs that most people will have. However, food is probably the one thing that is constantly on my mind at the moment due to pregnancy. haha. I have shown indulge on a more personal level. This is me and my partner….one of them gushy moments partners have but i look at this photograph and realise how much indulgence i have and have to come with my partner. Everything counts, from waking up with  him in the morning to holding his hand on the sofa. We are now having a child as well, another thing to fully embrace and bring into our lives.

If you have people you love take each moment and savour it. Love them with all of your heart and indulge on the moments in life you normally take for granted.

I hope this post makes people feel happy.

❤ Comments & Follows welcome ❤


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