Project 365 Day #45…The Weird and Wonderful!

Hello Readers!

Happy Valentines day.

Today i shall be writing a small piece about 2 photographers and their works that i read in “Oddity Central”. I came across them when trolling facebook as per usual and found some really interesting things! Something i shall now be checking regularly. A nice feature to the site is it logs what you read and comes up with “things you maybe interested in”, which i must say worked well for me!

Firstly introducing: JIM DINGILIAN.
Bottled Smoke Art is one project that seems to facinate people and i am one of them people. The pieces are so unique and different allowing them to captivate many a different style of audience. The presentation of the pieces are magnificent and really make something that isn’t so beautiful (weeds and roadsides) beautiful. The project is one of major creativity and something that a rare artist/photographer would think about when in a transition of finding themselves and their style. The photographs are brought to life by candle smoke, allowing the negative to develop in a very interesting and positive way. I purely love the images taken and having them shot in film is just gives it an edge of sophistication and vintage interest.
Jim quoted: “The miniature scenes I depict are of locations on the edge of suburbia which seem mysterious or even slightly menacing despite their commonplace nature. The bottles add to the implied narratives of transgression. When found by the sides of roads or in the weeds near the edges of parking lots, empty liquor bottles are artifacts of consumption, delight, or dread. As art objects, they become hourglasses of sorts, their drained interiors now inhabited by dim memories”

Photographic Source

Finally Introducing: ZHANG PENG
This project is a particularly creepy and some what disturbing collection of photographic images. Another thing that captivates me. I always like looking at art that is weird and wonderful to spark my imagination and to allow me to see how other photographers see. Zhang Peng is a famous Chinese photographer who has depicted emotion through using a small girl and the genre of horror together to create something truely magical. The child in the photographs does not look more than 6 years of age and with all the makeup and props that have been used in the collection really bring her to life and portray a rather dark side to her. The composition of the piece as a whole is fantastic and perfect for what he is trying to convey to the audience veiwing his works. I reccommend to have a look (please click source link) and check them out for yourself to see how you truely feel about them. I personally think they are inspiring and creatively masterful.

Photographic Source

Hope you all enjoy.

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