Project 365 Day #40…A Walk On The Wildside.

Fashion is the name of the game today…. a stunning outfit by Lipsy London. I pretty much LOVE the whole outfit and think that everyone should buy it! The classic black shoes with white top teamed with daring leopard print denim shorts and neon pink shoulder bag really add depth and dare to what would be a very chic and classy outfit. The tights could be optional depending on your style and how much you like to “show off”. It can be used as a sexy day outfit for those who like to look smart when they go out, works events? Perfect for those morning coffees and lunch meetings out and about as well as a nice outfit for the evening with the girls!
It isn’t too expensive….now i know people love to get things cheap if they can and i am no different but for this whole look i would pay the full amount of £170. Team it with a skinny waistbelt and perfection is achieved. I’m completely inlove with this whole outfit. Truely.

What do you guys think?


Amy ❤


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