Project 365 Day #39…Mama Mia Miss Kardashian!

Spending pretty much most of my days glued to Facebook and the internet i came across a really nice article about Kourtney Kardashian! At the moment she is pregnant with her second child and she looks FAB! She is seen showing off her new baby bump curves in mexico with her son and partner!

I know most celeb mums do look pretty hot when they are pregnant with a child….and non celeb mums look good too. There is that “pregnancy” glow when you get further along making you more of a raidiant beauty than normal. I think Kourtney looks stunning and flaunting her bump in a tiny bikini looks lovely.

Photos from:

Anyone reading this who is or has been pregnant….did you feel that glow or feel you looked better during your pregnancy? I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and i love how i look. Im still wearing makeup and my old clothes (just!) But i love having my little bump there and knowing my little girl is in there growing makes me feel even better.




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