Day #38 PART 2….StyleNoir.

Today i found out i had another follower on Twitter! (thank you very much, this makes me happy). The name of the account was “Stylenoir” which allured me and i thought i would go and check it out and see what they are all about. To my pleasure StyleNoir is Fashion and photography! Right up my street.

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I was capitvated by the bold and eyecatching style of the website, along with sporting the new AD campaign for Rimmels Wake Up foundation (a product that i am truely interested in) giving it a modern take. All aspects of Art are included on the site giving clear indication to which part you want to go to and sections on the homepage as to what they offer. The site is very informal and gives you a lot of the latest “whats hot” in fashion and art worlds across the globe. It is really worth a look because if you love your fashion and like looking at new websites and see what other people are doing then get a look here!

So going around it i was browsing all areas of the sitge mainly looking at Fashion and Photoshoots because that is more my area of interest and came across the most recent photoshoot Titled “ReLOVEution“.

This caught my eye due to the logo of the campaign having LOVE backwards, drawing the eyes attension. I looked through the photographs taken by photographer Elias Wessel and was blown away by them. Now i know that sounds pretty extreme but i truely was. The photographs are innovative and creative beyond the social norm of art. Stle Noir had included a small piece of writing to give a feel for the brand which complimented the photography well and really brought out the true meaning to the campaign itself. Everything about these photographs captivated me, im still looking at them now after 10 minutes of studying them. The composition is central and background being blank to draw the eye to the model, colourful and quirky. I reccomend you check it out, you will be amazed.


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