Project 365 Day #37…2012 Exploding with MUST HAVES.

From what i have seen so far from magazines, websites, TV shows and general life of 2012 it is set to be a fantastic year for the fashion industry. This covers everything from the hair on your head to the tips of your toes, you will look and feel fabulous this year with the must haves and wants of the year. In this article i would like to thank Marie Claire Magazine, MINI space and Grazia.

Hairstyles 2012

So far the most shocking hair of 2012 has to be the blonde bomshell that is now Rhianna! The star has decided to start 2012 with a bang, and it cetainly has shocked a lot of people in the world of hair and fashion. She first released a photo of the new do on Twitter for followers to see and comment on, then allowing herself for photographs from magazines and paps with the new do! Rhianna is renound for her constant change in hairdo’s from the short pixie crop that was red and black to the long straight hair with bangs and choppy bobs that Rhianna glamourously models. However, with a constant change in hairstyle for Rhianna….how long will this blonde fiasco last? My opinion; not long. Rhianna likes to shock and awe the press and fans by posting unusual things online to changing the way she looks constantly. The new blonde look for Rhianna is something that is modernised but still looks dated, however, it strangely suits her. She is being herself, changing it up, stylising and rocking it like she doesn’t give a ****. Let’s hope she keeps the style for longer than others she had in the past, it looks gorgeous!


Statement Nails.

Statement nails are the best thing about this year! After watching an episode of “Super Scrimpers” on Channel 4 made me really think about nails this year. There is a lot of talk about statement nails and ways to do it cheap rather than going to a salon and getting them done. So making a statement with your nails this year is going to be HOT. From bright colours to mad designs, everyone is going to be wearing it and you must do to! I know i am!


Fashion and Accessories

This is going to be the biggest year for fashion this year. Everyone wants new things and statement pieces. Colour is bursting out of the wardrobe and the pencil skirt is coming back in! Every designer from all over the world is mixing it up this year with creative flair and panash. Floral is making an apperance, creams and beige is being tailored, green is a must have colour and floaty styles and vintage looks are really making a come back this year with what looks like a very big BANG. From Paris Cotoure week to London Fashion Week. There are many events this year that will give people a true insite on whats to wear this year and many designers are collaborating with High Street chains so look out for those in your local fashion shops.—summer-2012-show-report–miu-miu.htm


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