Project 365 Day #35…. Are You Aware?

Today has been a pretty interesting day for me to be honest. Wayne went off to University as per usual, and i had an appointment with Learn Direct to do my English level 2 test. Sorted myself out and nabbed the train to moorfields then hecktically looked for the building. The address they gave me was not clear as to what i was about to face. The address was 38 to 40 Dale Street….so i wonder out of the station and go looking for it. I couldn’t find it so i asked around and nobody seemed to know where it was. So i went into a building that looked new and said 40-46 Dale Street, asked some snooty woman at reception where the center was and she replied with “third floor” then me not seeing the building was quite big decided to ask where i needed to go to get there and she just pointed and was pretty rude claiming it was on the third floor and i use the stairs…. snooty cow. So i just went in and got my test done with…..PASSED! So pleased when they said i passed, so now all i have to do is wait for my certificate to come. Now that is all over i have NO idea what i really want to do, im going to be having a baby in June, so i guess i have a long time to decide. At the moment its torn between Beauty, Fashion Journalism and Owning my own beauty salon….

Anyway after my test i waited for a phone call from Wayne to say he had finished for the day so that we could nip and get some things on the way home from the local shopping center. Whilest waiting i decided to grab a magazine, i haven’t read anything fashion based for a while so i picked up a copy of GRAZIA magazine. Pure fashion magazine with all the latest gossip with what is coming and what should be good to wear for the upcoming year. I could not have picked up a better magazine. As i flicked the glossy pages photographs of fashion models and detailed articles about the fashion industry to boom this year. I was so amazed at some of the things designers are popping out this year. Femininity is coming back and the floral is becoming more and more frequent in designer ranges. If you love fashion please pick up this magazine. Its only 99p. Cannot go wrong!

The main article that interested me in GRAZIA (excluding Paris Coture week) was an article about a 19 year old student who is bringing awareness to those who have been sexually assulted. It really interested me leaving me pretty much speechless after i had finished reading every single word scribbled on the glossy pages of  Grazia. It truly Moved me. The Project is to help people speak out and raise awareness that things like this do happen. The subject with the story holds a board infront of them and has something written down such as a word or phrase about their incident. It is simple portraiture but very powerful and meaningful.

To see an article on the project please visit: Project Unbreakable: Article by the Gaurdian Newspaper or visit the website to find out more….




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