Project 365 Day #26….Sweet Tooth?

Today has been pretty good for my photography if i do admit.


Now down to business……….

I entered my first photography competition today. The theme was “Colour”, and after trolling through thousands of photographs that are stored on my computer i finally chose one. The one thing i noticed is that i have never really thought so much into colour in photography. Normally i shoot everything in colour but then if i want it in black and white photoshop becomes my best friend….. So it was really hard for me to choose. I wanted something bright and eye catching for people to look out for. Something that wasn’t edited either because people can tell when things have been edited. This is the photograph i finally chose:

What do you think?

After entering said photography competition i felt really good about my skills and what i can achieve. I hope i get somewhere with it but if i don’t then i wouldn’t be suprised. So after this i then went over to the kitchen and started snapping photographs on my blackberry of sweets we had laying about. Me and my partner have a smeet tooth so there is always something sweet in the house whether it be chocolate or jellies…. anything. My parents got me a load of sweets for my birthday which we haven’t eaten so i got the box out and took a few snaps to see how they would turn out. Something i am very interested and happy about. Here are a few:


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