Project 365 Day #19…..Anyone On Facebook?

Hello! 😀

Now todays post is something i do not normally blog about. However, i have spent too much time on Facebook over the past few days and think its just myself going a tad mad. haha. I don’t know what sorts of lovely people you are that read my blog and i thank you for reading it (big thumbs up) but i have made a group on Facebook that is for people who love art and are artists.

If you are someone who likes taking photographs, looking at pieces of art, bloggers, writers, painters, photographers, etc you are welcome! It would be great to get people involved and build a little community. If you have things to share then link upon the wall and im sure you will get people read and look at your work. I know i will be doing this with my photography. I know how hard it is to get yourself out there with art work and would love to start some people off.

If you would like to join please click here!




2 responses to “Project 365 Day #19…..Anyone On Facebook?

  1. I find preparing Blog Posts so time consuming I don’t have much time left for anything else. There are Blog sites I regularly check in on, so its ‘sort of’ a community of art lovers.

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