Project 365 Day #10….Artistic Style.

Over the past couple of days i have really been into playing RPG games and 1st person shooters. Something i have never really gotten a full grasp on really as i haven’t been the “full on” gaming type of girl. This has changed over the past few months and something i have become aware of is artistic style in games, it facinates me!

Generations of gaming has shown that you can go from pixellated people that look blocky and square to people who look almost true to life! Bad graphics are a thing of the past now and you would not expect to go back to the style of graphics that where around in the 1980’s/1990’s. Artistic style in games depends very much on the people who create the game. You can get some very interesting and pretty games such as Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft, then you can get the other end of the sectrum which is dark and alluring styles in games such as Bioshock, Left 4 dead and Resident Evil. It all depends on the genre of the game really.

Here are a few of my favourite games at the moment and the style of art that they display:

Bioshock 2: Sea Of Dreams (Xbox360)

You play as a “BIG DADDY” which from the first Bioshock you had to kill to rescue or savage the little sisters. Now you get the story of the Big Daddy and a more in depth veiw of the little sisters So far its really good, creepy and still makes me jump when things attack.


Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360)

The Main character Lighting you play as to save her younger sister Sarah. Very beautifully designed and another to add to the FF collection. Amazing grahics and design.


WET (Xbox 360)

You play a kick ass female lead role called Ruby and she has to kill a certain man. I have only just started this so i’m not too far ahead but its really good. Art is great, gameplay is smooth and you do loads of cool moves when shooting! The details of the game are really nice and its a pretty colourful game.



Battlefield 3 (PS3)

1st Person shooter. Amazing artwork when looking at the whole game. It is similar to COD if people have played that. You are part of a team and need to head to certain places and kill enemies. Online play is much more fun. Lots of huge explosions and some close call combat styles.



As you can see the games i seem to be playing at the moment all different in style as well as gameplay! They aren’t all the games i’m playing but they are a few of the best ones at the moment. Any of them look interesting to you? Played any of these before? Comments of all sorts welcome!
If you like RPG and Shooting games then i suggest giving them a go, they are all cracking games and i have so much fun playing them along with admiring the artistic quality gone into the game and the hard work people have put behind it.

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