Project 365 Day #8….TIME FOR CHANGE.

The draw of winter is getting ever so much closer and spring shall be starting in next to no time. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and loving it. Only problem is when you feel tired you look it, after resting you need to make sure things are done. This is why i appriciate having my partner around because he takes the stress off me and helps out. He makes me feel less on edge about everything to do with the house etc. He is at uni but isn’t back until february so its nice having him around all the time to help and take care of things when im feeling a bit run down.

I have been browsing makekup on Ebay…..because its far cheaper… i want to start making myself look nice. People say that you are meant to glow during pregnancy and feel incredible! Blerg. Im just starting to get my bump which is cute but now im more concious of what i look like….so i think some new makeup is in order to make myself feel a little better and hopefully a few nice new clothes that i can wear too. My hair needs doing….you aren’t meant to dye it during pregnancy because of the chemicals…..having red hair and ginger roots is not the most fetching of things. So new hair is in place. I just want to feel good and make myself look good, not just for me but for my partner too…. i mean, its probably not the best of sites looking at me during the time i feel most concious where i look crap 24/7 and my 21st birthday is coming up, im not doing anything for it but i want to not feel old! haha. I know he thinks im beautiful no matter what and he loves the fact im getting a little bump and i look pretty all the time. 🙂

Like today for example, ive wacked on my jeans, tank top, cardi and pull over, hairs a state and face isnt done either! I need to stop chewing my nails as well, its a very dirty habbit and i want to get out of it, plus it makes my hands look horrible and i want to go and get some nice fake nails sorted. Its all the little things i guess with women that make the big difference.If anyone knows any really good feel good tips or makeup brands they just adore please comment! 🙂 i would love to hear.




One response to “Project 365 Day #8….TIME FOR CHANGE.

  1. Congratulations! I think it’s a little early to bloom. Your hormones are still wondering what happened to them. Blooming will come later. I think natural is better for pregnancy. Have your hair cut short to get back to your colour, and it’ll be easier to deal with. Don’t go for false nails, just stop biting yours. Each time you do, imagine what your baby would think if he/she saw you doing it. And would you like him/her to bite his/hers? Go out as much as possible, celebrate being a couple. It’ll be harder later.
    Advice from Grama:))

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