Project 365 Day #6…..Photography at its Best.

After wracking my brains of what to write about today i was browsing the guardian to see if there was anything in the news that was of interest. Not much cropped up in all fairness but i decided to check out the photography side of the site, something  have never done before. I have no idea why i haven’t checked it out but it is really interesting. There are so many interesting articles that i found about exhibitions, old photographers, random photography, new photographers……..the whole lots.

If you like photography and fancy having a look…do so!

This article stood out the most to me…Eve Arnold.

She was a photographer died at the age of 99. What an age! The photographs that were displayed stood out to me and the look aesthetically beautiful. They make me want to go out and photograph people at their best, when they are at their happiest in life.


Please take a look and share your thoughts and ideas!



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