Project 365 Day #4….Home Comforts.

Today i decided that i would share some of my own photographic works. They are not in the best qualiy however, because i used my Blackberry phone camera. I just had the urge to start snapping away last night while i was watching i did and then wacked them up on my computer and saw that they aren’t too bad. I do not have my DSLR at the moment as its with my parents… oh dear. These are what i like to call my home comforts, things that i have laying about my home that i love 🙂 What do yu call a home comfort?

Hope you enjoy.

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6 responses to “Project 365 Day #4….Home Comforts.

    • Haha, you are aware, are you not, that you are creating another aero freak inside you? That his/her first words will not be Mama or Papa, but “Where’s my aero?”…

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