Project 365 Day #3…Only In Paris!

So today i thought i would check out some photographs of Paris. Oddly enough i have always wanted to go to Paris, yeah okay you can say its because im a woman and i love romance, which i am not going to lie yes i do…but i want to go for a more photographic and fashion element. I did some googling this morning and had a look around some different sites with photographs of Paris and found a few that i really liked….. so i thought for my post today i would share them and get your opinion on them too ^.^

Detail of Notre-Dame


This is “Detail of Notre-Dame” by David Henry. The only reason this photograph stood out to me amounst the rest is because it was in black and white and looks very traditional in composition. Ever since i read about Notre-Dame in my photography book for University it has amazed me. I have some photographs in it from when it was being built, the structure composition and how it was being put together. It is one of the most Historical Buildings in Paris and for good reason. Just look at its interesting design features, for a large church this is nothing out of the ordinary for the time it was built but now it is a masterpiece. Something truely crafted by talented people and built to perfection. It really gives off the rustic feel of it’s history and the way the photographer has shot this frame it makes Notre-Dame truely beautiful.



 “Flaque d’eau au Champ de Mars” by Luc Viatour. The main reason this photograph stood out was for the vibrancy in the colours and the perspective the photograph was taken at. Normally a photographer will shoot the Iffel tower at many different angles to make it look interesting and different, Viatour, however, decided to take a reflected photograph of the iconic piece in Paris. To me this makes the photograph more interesting and even though it is still at a different perspective you know what the subject matter is straight away without having to decifer. I like the break in the photograph as well. Where the puddles are seperate so you cannot see the whole of the building. This gives it such a nice warm feel, which is the opposite to the weather at the time. Generally i love this photograph, it is gorgeous in every way.


Staircase at the Musée national Gustave Moreau, ParisSource:

Now i mainly have no idea why this cativated me but look at it…. take a seond. It is such a beautiful piece of art work. Interior design at it’s finest. It looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also captures your attension by having different contrasts and different curves to define it’s shape. I love the traditional colours used in the design and everything just pleases me with this piece. I cannot say anything bad about. The museum surely knows what pieces to put together to catch peoples attension.

They are my three photographs for today. I have to say i am pretty pleased with my finds. If you have opinions on any of them then i would love to hear about it.

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5 responses to “Project 365 Day #3…Only In Paris!

  1. These photographs are amazing! Thank you for sharing. And I hope you do get to Paris someday. My husband and I were just watching Midnight in Paris last night, and it brought back so many of the warm and fuzzy feelings that you get from being there. We’re now on a mission to go back soon. The atmosphere is just right!

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