Project 365: Day #2

So i didn’t exactly post up yesterday but i posted an art topic a few days early and thought that could be my firstpost. Please check it out if you like photography! 🙂


Some people may have heard of this, some people may have no idea….but if you are a blogger or like reading lots of different blogs then this is the place for you. It is a community basically. You can look and read other peoples blogs, upgrade to VIB, post information about your blog and your blog itself up on your own homepage. Chat with other bloggers, get ideas, find extrordinary things. Its just a wonderful place to be really. I have been on it since having this blog and i have found it really useful. There is so much on there! I want to share a few of the blogs that i am reading on there that are mainly art related due to my field of work….but i hope you will like them and go have a look.

Write on my wrist: BLOG
This blog is a blog about writing, tattoos, etc on peoples wrists. There is no explaination just photographs of peoples wrists. I love this and think it is such a good concept to have for a blog because its different. Please go check it out. It’s is really cool.
Delirious Jellybean: BLOG
Random. This is what i like to call it. It has a bit of everything or everyone! There is something you can find you will like, there are photos, writings, doodles, lots of interesting things present in this blog.
Lens Diaries: BLOG
Everything to do with photography really! I like it because it features tips and hints with photography for anyone. Its generally a really nice blog so please go look if photography is your forte.
I Still Shoot Film: BLOG
Camera Reveiws, Camera deals, Film photograph, Meduim Format and a photo blog from PARIS! so if you love paris, film and photography then please check it out!
Style Trove: BLOG
Fashion culture. Everything from latests styles, reviews, industry…its an amazing blog. Very nicely presented. It’s on Tumblr so anyone on that easy peasy!

I am reading many more blogs on BC. GET INVOLVED!
Find me on there and have a chat! Lots of different things for different people!


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