Project 365 Day #2 Part 2.

Basically i took a bit of inspiration from the blog i read by my partner on

I am a photographer….well aspiring one at that, i like to do what i can to gain more experience and get more knowledge on the subject matter. So the quote i basically took inspiration from off Waynes blog was:

“If you’re an aspiring writer, Pick up your pen, and write something meaningful each day.  If you’re an artist draw something meaningful each day, if you’re a designer design! The world is even more limitless, this is the internet age, people from all over the world being found and living their dreams down to this very thing your using right now to view my blog.  The internet can be a tool.
It can help you realise what you really want, or even share that which you love with everyone around, and one day it is possible, that someone somewhere will realise your talent for what it is.”

So i thought i would look at the photographs that i took on my blackberry not too long ago. They are not of the best quality as it is only a phone camera but i did not have my large DSLR with me so i just snapped away with that. It was strange just being in the street with my phone, i felt very much like atourist taking a photograph of some historical building…which my photographs are not. They are just a nice skyline sunset photograph. I thought it looked pretty so i took the shots.

Hope you enjoy them.

Comments and subscribes welcome.



Litherland shot 2


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