This is probably going to be the last sort of “personal” post that i do as i am starting project 365 tomorrow as it is 2012. So now i have to spread the word that everyone LOVES over the year…..celebrity. You may sit there and think you hate celebs and what they do but it is so publisized that you cannot help but be captivated with their lives and find yourself looking on TV or in magazines to see what “so and so” a celebrity is up to and what they are getting riddiculed for. I watched the catch up of “Most Shocking Celebrity Moments of 2011” last night on Channel 5 which i must say was VERY funny and entertaining.

Now im not going to give you the full countdown of all 50 that where on there but i reccomend it if you want to see funny things with celebrities. Here are a few things that stood out when i was watching it:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.
Now we all love a good celebrity wedding and seeing everything that goes with it…..but this was STUPIDLY REDICULOUS! The pair had a very extravegant affair for their wedding this year and found to be all “loved up”. Kim wazs draped in diamonds and Kris looked smart in his suit. However, there was clips of the two arguing about wedding plans which isn’t abnormal for a couple as most would say there would be a few dissaggreements when planning a wedding together. BEST thing about it was the split afterwards….yes there was a lot of splits this year including JLO&Marc Anthony and Demi&Ashton but the couple split 72 days after their wedding… i don’t know fi you can really call that a marriage but it was one of the most shocking things for 2011 as Kim is just coming up on the UK scene and being really well known.

Christina Aguilera’s Weight
We all love a bit of miss Aguilera…..i will admit to dancing with a hairbrush singing her songs when i was a little girl….. She has done really well for herself. She has had a beautiful child, marrige and a successful career. However, this year she has been one of the most shocking after her split from hubby and grasping a new man in mid 2011…. that is not what she has been shocking for though…. remember that body all the girls wanted in the “Dirty” video she did? THATS what is shocking because she has not only gotten rid of that dress sence but the body too! She has put on a lot of weight this year from partying too hard and having a hecktic lifestyle has not done her any favours. Personally i think she looks stunning and i am proud of her for not caring about her being a bit on the “chunky” side of the female scale. Most people will agree its nice to see the curvy ladies with a bit of meat on their bones, and miss X-tina does this in 2011. The press however, do not like this as she has been getting “fat” and getting arressted for being too drunk to drive…. what a shame? No…she is being a normal human being! Loads of people get arrested because of this, but because its Christina she has to be all over the papers and one of the most shocking of 2011.

Rhianna getting NAKED!
This strictly is not wholey true….as she only takes her top off. Which to us normal folk isn’t anything special…. but its Rhianna! So it is special and shocking because its not like she gets her kit off all the time and walks around in skimpy things when it is not the most appropriate of times! haha no….course not! LOL. She did the “We found love” ft Example song in a field in Ireland which most farmers out there would be proud of and the clip of her being “naked” only lasts a second at least…but its a shocker of 2011!I wasn’t that shocked…..about time really!

Beiber BRAT
Yes 2011 would not be complete without splashing something about every 12 year old girls fantasy husband Justin Beiber. The little shit has been splashed all over the tabloids this year for acting like a spoilt little brat. Now he is 16 years of age… think back to what you where doing at 16…..drinking? Smoking? Drugs? Sex?….the pop diva has been smashing birthday cakes, tweeting obscene things, moving people from elevators so he can ride alone and having a “Love” child. This made me giggle perfusely when it came on the screen….he is 16 years old and acting about 7….not cool man! He also has rubbish hair and style….and looks like a girl. Why the younger generation like him is beyond me. The shocker for 2011 is the Love child which he claims “he will have a paternity test” to prove it is or isn’t his. The eledged mother of the child who has filed a law suit about the singer says that they had at least 30 seconds of passion backstage at one of his concerts and she fell pregnant with his child. The funny thing is the girl is 20 years of age….MY AGE! and having sex with a 16 year old boy….okay if you want to sleep with fame DO NOT make it Bieber. 30 seconds of passion….how does that constitute sex? or even fluids being exchanged?!?!? i do not understand this….

This scandal leaving millions of girls who adore the star heartbroken and Beiber himself in the top 50 most shocking things of 2011.

I have no idea who watched “im a celeb get me out of here” this year but i managed to catch a few episodes! Love it was to watch celebs struggle and for me to sit on my nice cozy couch with a cup of tea and a biscuit to enjoy the show with. Most shocking moment for the press was the Fatima did a challenge and got a cockroach stuck up her nose! Now even i can say an olimpic athlete does not get that in the “how to win gold” handbook. It was positivly the most discusting thing i have seen this year! It makes me hurl thinking of it but the press loved it! Splashed on the papers and magazines, all the gory little details of this cockroach being lodged up her nose…..YUK!

Cheryl Cole BOOTED!
Over the time Cheryl has been out of girls aloud i seemed to have become more attached to her! Appart from envying the fact she is DROP dead gorgeous. She has had such an epic fail of a year this year! I really feel for her. She had a really good time on the UK xfactor last year and was rumoured to be doing the xfactor USA this year! Only to find a short while after that she was not “popular” enough to appear on the television series as a judge and the American public would not understand her Jordie accent! Now i know the Jordie accent can be hard to understand and i do have trouble sometimes, i know people from the Newcastle area and it does take a bit of time to grasp everything but i thought it was so unfair on her when she was so happy and excited to do it! She also had her trauma in hospital with a life threatening illness which i followed closely in the magazines as its something you do not normally hear all the nitty gritty about but i was really moved when she was speaking about it and her family etc. Another bad moment is the split from hubby Ashely Cole (footballer) and she got very upset about that! I personally think it is a very shocking thing for Cheryl this year but she will come back fighting next year!

Katie Price..what a suprise.
Katie is always in the papers for something or other, whether it be a risquey outfit, new boyfriend or children….there is always something on her. Now i see why she has written i think its 3 of 4 autobiographies. She had a lot of drama over the past with Ex husband Peter andre and her children, Ex husband Alex Reid and now ex boyfriend Leandro Penna. Now this is not shocking to most but the tabloids love it! they cannot get enough of the fact that Katie got a new boy to hang on her arm like some cheap handbag! BEST thing was that the broke up over GOOGLE TRANSLATOR! yes thats right folks. Her boy could not speak any English so they had to use the app on a phone to communicate which can be cute..unternet relationships etc….but dumped over translator…thats a new one Pricey. SORT IT OUT. I think to me that was shocking but apparently when the show was talking about split from Hubby Alex he is now having a baby with Chantelle from BIG BROTHER! that was far more shocking, my mouth literally hit the floor!


There are many more to have a look out. It really is worth a watch for a laugh. TOP 50 Countdown….. go check it out! please




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