Do you think Photography is TRUE to itself?


Well today i have been sat here after a lovely morning of shopping with my partner, coffee and giggles editing some photographs i have taken in the past….only to find myself wondering about Photography’s true form and the realism behind the lens in modern day society. Now this has crossed my mind in the past when looking at editing my photographs and moaning about editing software but has taken more of a head now that i am getting pretty serious about my photography and getting a career in it.

Over the years, i have learnt that if you want to get some good photographs now a days you MUST edit your photographs. You see it in everyday life when you look at magazines, airbrushing of the models, contrast heightened of products, shine to har, crisp colours on landscapes, everything has some element of editing in it. Now i don’t know if people will agree with me or not on this.

So i decided this afternoon to have a proper look at Photoshop CS5 which is now fully running on my laptop. I have come across some really handy things such as spot healing with content aware, which means that it will fill in what should be there instead of a horrible line or part of the photograph that already exists. It’s pretty handy like that. There are some pretty cool filters on there too that are atristic and can make your photographs look pretty creative. I have to admit over all Photoshop is such a good editing program to have if you are into your photography and art work! It is pretty expensive BUT if your lucky you can swipe it off the net for nothing (try google). Photoshop is not the only editing software i have used, while i was on Linux for a while i used GIMP 2.0 for a while and gave that a try, really enjoyed it to do simple things on such as contrast editing etc. You can get GIMP for windows too which was really handy after my piece of shit laptop decided it want  to pack its bags and leave me, so i had to re-instal windows 7.

I love the freedom you have with a photograph when you put it onto the laptop and you are able to create a million different effect on one photograph, however, by editing a photograph so much, to me, you are taking its true sense of atristic style away from it. Sure editing is artistic in its own way but would you want to take a photograph and see the world for what it truely is or do you want to sugar coat it with filters and pretty little corrections? No. We do not live in a perfect world, it has imperfections, people have flaws and everything is not as beautiful as we see in the media today…why would you want to take them away? Flaws and imperfections are what make things prefect to me. We are all individuals and we all make mistakes, when taking a photograph i like to show the raw realism of what i am showing. OKAY i will admit some things do need a little touch up now and again for things such as lighting etc but i never like to go over the top.

On the contrast to this, today is different. I thought i would go all out and go over the top with my editing on my photographs. I have made some look like paintings, old style and just general creative things that i thought looked pretty good. As something fun to do i like doing lots of editing, but as a photographer and portfolio work is concerned then i would not add some of these as i think they are too much. Here are the things i created this afternoon:

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What is your take on editing and photography as a true representation?


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3 responses to “Do you think Photography is TRUE to itself?

  1. Well, knowing how to use photoshop is obviously a must in today’s photography world. But don’t you admire photographers of 50, 60 years ago that took a perfect photograph without it? Isn’t it good once in a while to “get the photo right first time”, to really think about what you are taking, instead of taking several digital photos of the same subject and then photoshopping the best one? To my mind, to be a good photographer, you need to know how to do both.

    • could not agree more! i love the old photography from the 20’s to the 80’s where digital editing was not well known and when taking a photographs with a film camera it was very rare that they where edited. If you want to edit a film photograph back then it was a rare skill to have and only the creme de la creme used it and did it well. So yes i agree now you need to know both, but i may go back to film photography this year and really build my knowledge on how to take a “perfect” photograph without any editing or auto focusing etc 🙂

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