Project 365

Getting the daily post from wordpress via email each day really inspires me to start doing some work. Recently they have had something called “Project 365” which is basically something you do everyday for a year. As 2012 is coming up there is no better time to start thinking about what i want to do……

I was thinking something to do with my photography as i want to start being more active with it and making something of myself as it is still my dream to become a professional photographer. Last night i sat on my laptop making a website for myself which i am pretty damn proud of as flash kept crashing and i had to start over about 4 times….stupid laptop. Eventually i made it and got everything sorted. This means i will have to update the site regularly and make sure that i photograph enough content to put on there.

Amy Brant Photography:

Amy Brant Photography Website.

I do not plan on taking a photograph every day and blogging about it.

I plan on blogging about something artistic. This maybe a piece of art, exhibition, photograph i have taken, someone elses photograph, art history, paintings, things i have seen on TV, anything to do with the art world. Some could argue this is such a broad thing to blog about but thats the beauty of it to me! I have such a broad spectrum to cover and to cover it over the year. I want to get out and about a bit more in 2012 so that i can take photographs and so that i can get more experience with my camera and also purchase more camera equipment so that i can use new things and get more of a variety. Yes okay there is a lot of “editing” software that i can use to get different effects on my photographs and i do use photoshop CS5 to do so with my photographs. However, i do not like using editing……but lets not get into that….if you want to know why follow that link and read the post.

So there is my project 365… blog about something artistic everyday for 365 days of 2012. It will give me something nice to do while im home with the family and something creative to keep me motivated on my art work and to help me get some ideas into achieving what i want to do.

If anyone else has a project 365 they would like to share i would love to read about it 😀


8 responses to “Project 365

  1. Nice project Amy. I’ll sign up to follow you on email. Have a look at (my son’s London based website). I have been very bad at doing my blog recently. I think I’ll subscribe to the 365 idea, either a photo a day (probably food) or maybe a French word a day, or maybe both. I don’t think I can create art that fast, to put something up each and every day. It’s good if we check up on how others are doing occasionally for inspiration! Have a Happy Year whatever.

    • a french word a day sounds interesting, however, trying to churn out a peice of art each day could be more challenging and show more progression through the year as your skill improves. Could be quite nice to document it 🙂

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