Baby, Love, Happiness.

It is now the 27th of December 2011.

We have all of Five days left of the year….and then the glorious 2012 will step into place. I can guarantee that I will be one of those fools who has to write down the date and will put 2011 instead of 2012 because I will not be used to it. I seem to do it every year, I did it this year and put 2010, I should of known as it was like June time I did it.

2012……. what to expect…..

Well i’m not one to make resolutions for the new year now as I have done that in the past and most of them failed miserably. So now I just look forward to events in my life that I think or know will happen to me and things I hope to achieve and do with myself.

          1. The birth of Baba. It’s all been a bit weird being pregnant.

Okay I am a first timer with the whole baby thing. Its wonderful. So far so good with everything to do with the pregnancy. No major cravings just keep wanting a fry up…proper nice greasy one. I get another scan on or near my 21st birthday which will be lovely. Have a lot more to sort out with baby things such as a nursery, cots, prams etc….all that to come. Not bothering at the moment as im only 15 weeks.

  1. My partner’s and my birthdays. He is turning 25 and i’m turning 21. Personally as im going to be pregnant I do not plan on doing anything fantastic. Maybe get a few good films in and some Chinese food. I will probably do something bigger after the baby is born and I can find a weekend to have some friends from my home town come and visit me for a laugh. Not sure what my partner wants to do either, his birthday falls on a weekend which is nice because we can spend it together and he can do something with friends.

  2. Making a note. This basically means writing in a journal for the year. Me and my partner brought nice expensive ones this year, which thus means we need to make a note of things. I’m going to be keeping full track on our pregnancy and what the baba is up to and how im feeling etc. Plus I just like to look over a diary over the year and see what I have done and what I have accomplished.

  3. Becoming a mummy and housewife. The baby is due to arrive in June of 2012….so as from then I shall be full time home mummy. Keeping things nice for my partner coming home from university and his little one too. Shall be lovely to have our family with our little addition of the baby as well. Very excited!

  4. Random encounters. These are basically moments I do not plan. Those little things that make you feel good. The moments that you have with friends, family, loved ones, etc and the things that you some times take for granted in every day life. I love these little moment and I will admit this year I have taken all most all of them for granted. 2012 random encounters will be ones I love and cherish for the whole of the year.

  5. Building up my photographic portfolio. I want to start doing this more. I will be getting my camera back from my parents in January….so thus meaning i can go out and photograph things. Document the world and make things beautiful. I can carry on taking snap shots, portrait photographs, landscape, close up, macro etc….all of that i love doing with a camera i can do more of. I am determined to carry on making a nice selection of shots to show people and to get my work out there to the public.

So far that’s my 2012. Some big things coming up that will effect me (and my partner) for the rest of our lives. I’m very much looking forward to it. I would not have things any other way than they are right now. I love my life. I love my partner. Things could not be better.


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