Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

It’s Christmas Eve!

Exciting times for all the children to wait for Father Christmas to bring them presents and to eat the cookies and drink the milk they have left out. That’s something I loved as a child. One of the fondest memories I have is leaving out cookies and milk for Santa as a “thank you” for bringing my presents and a carrot for Rudolf. Only to come down and find the cookies gone and the carrot had a chunk missing. This being a fantastic thing for me as it made the spirit of Christmas more magical and Santa Claus more realistic to me. Now i’m 20 years of age and over that sort of thing but its still a magical time for me.

This year is truly magical. I’m a “leave it till the last minute” person, so the last little bits of Christmas shopping where done this morning and now this afternoon there is nothing to worry about. We have everything ready for Christmas lunch, presents wrapped and under the tree and spirits highly lifted. I love this Christmas. I feel like a small child again, as I find myself getting more and more excited as the day goes on.

Being with my partner this year is pretty special too. It’s our first Christmas together as a family. Our little family, all around the TV watching Christmas films such as Elf, Jingle all the way, Narnia and loads more. It’s so lush being here. Feels more like Christmas now, being together and having everything sorted out. Got his little one excited for Christmas, another little one on the way so next year is looking like a big positive.

The only thing that doesn’t feel like Christmas is the weather. Yeah, sure its cold and everyone has to wrap up warm and wear all sorts of knitted garments to keep in body heat. However, there is no snow! Surprise, surprise, with me living in the UK. There is never any positives with the weather, its either too cold, too hot or the traditional weather for the season is out the window. So now it isn’t snowing and i’m probably going to be like a small child and prey for snow over night so that I wake up tomorrow morning and see a white blanket of purity covering every inch of our street making it look enchanting.

I know there is probably a lot of people feeling the same same right now and I am sure there are those who aren’t but its just a post to wish everyone a really nice Christmas, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Merry Christmas!!!


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