Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration.

Now as odd as it is to find Glass bottles of Coke in a shop i thought i would wack this up as my photograph for a celebration. You could be looking at it and wondering what the hell im thinking….well….

Every Christmas since i was a kid i always wait for the “Coca Cola” advert to come on the TV. I know its a little strange but im sure a lot of people do it. IĀ  know a few friends do. In order of this while i was taking photographs in the studio i thought i would take a couple of photographs of some coke bottles i had brought in with me. So the photograph showing Coke bottles is something that makes me celebrate as it makes me feel like its “actually” Christmas time!I gave the photograph a small tweek to add a vintage feel to it as i thought it would really depict the style of the Coke adverts, as they have been around for years!

"Christmas Time"

Hope you all enjoy.

25 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Celebration.

  1. I’m singing it now… “The holidays are coming… The holidays are coming…” Great marketing ads that stick in the mind. Love the photo.
    I also remember my grandmother getting in crateloads of coke for the Christmas period and store it at the bottom of the stairs where it was coolest. Christmas had arrived when the crates were to be found in the stairwell. Funny what brings back memories.

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  3. How to turn a plain ordinary object into a piece of art… You did it! Thanks for sharing your photo with us.
    Greetings from Switzerland,
    – Pierre

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