Tis’ The Season To Be Jolly…tralalalalalala

So it’s nearing the beginning of December…..Christmas! I love Christmas normally, however, the past few years have not been the best and have not made me excited for this time of year. This year is different! I am stupidly excited for Christmas this year and for good reason too!

Over the past few months i have literally been on an emotional rollercoaster to hell but now that seems to have evened out and made me life a little easier. Something that you want so badly and then get the undecided vote on it really isnt something you want to deal with, but i had to. Now after some good news it has cheered me up and made that undecided vote decided. Making me a happier person and more secure in myself and what is to come in the future.

I am hopefully going to be taking my test in English sometime this month and that should be okay! Hopefully, now that i have to travel 30 mins into town rather than 2 and a half hours into Blackpool to take the test. I get the results the same day which is good….none of this fannying about with “waiting” and getting nervous about your test results. A simple, do the test and get the results so you dont have to doubt yourself. Lovely job.

This Christmas, in my opinion is looking to be good. I get to spend it with my family whom i didn’t last year. Baby is growing fine and now t 12 weeks! Very happy about that. We have put our tree up and the kitten we have keeps playing with it and getting scared of the decorations flailing about after he has punched them. Christmas songs and films are already on my laptop and on the PS3 so that we can start watching them and really bringing the spirit of Christmas into the house. Waynes little one is just finding out about santa which is really nice to teach her and she seems excited about getting presents. So im really looking forward to Christmas this year. I have pretty much looked over the year just been and i must say im ashamed of some things that i have done and how things have turned out, however, it just makes me strive to be better next year and to not make them same mistakes again. Im now an adult, as wayne told me yesterday after having a huge chat about a recent situation and i realise that now and that i can make my own choices and that i will not be treated any different.

So here is a pretty happy post to a good Christmas and a positive look on the new year to come!

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